Sad development: Pierre Gervais is currently in a state of shock

Published November 22, 2022 at 0:07

The famous book published by Pierre Gervais continues to make the hockey world react.

Before continuing, we insist on reminding you that the most "daring" of Gervais' revelations are the ones that are the subject of much discussion, but it is important to know that there are several very good stories in this book.

In fact, the book is very nuanced and 95% positive.

In short, the book "Pierre Gervais: au coeur du vestiaire", written by journalist Mathias Brunet, sows nothing less than "consternation in the world of hockey", according to what can be read in an article by TVA Sports.

Journalist Marc-André Perreault was interviewed today, and see what he had to say:

"People just can't believe it. We're beyond uncomfortable. I've gotten calls from coaches at different levels, texts from players... We're thinking, 'What could he be thinking?" - Marc-André Perreault

Also according to Perreault, the book will inevitably taint Gervais' previously "immaculate" reputation. And if the latter assumes his revelations in public, it is said that he spends a bad quarter of an hour behind closed doors.

I can confirm that the hours leading up to the book launch were very difficult for Pierre Gervais, no matter what he says in public," said Perreault. I'm not sure he was expecting such a tsunami."

We leave the words as they are, to make sure we don't distort the thing, especially since the goal here is to make people realize that there is a human being behind this book.

Pierre Gervais certainly did not have bad intentions, and we remind for the twentieth time that the book is 95% very positive. It does not deserve to be questioned and to be in such a "controversy".

"Unfortunately, I have the impression that the next few days, weeks and even months are going to be extremely difficult for him psychologically." - Jean-Philippe Bertrand

They continue:

"There is a line that has been crossed," said Perreault. Monday was the launch at the Bell Centre. Lots of Canadiens players were supposed to be there. I can tell you that until very late in the launch, no current CH player was there. Were the players there before? I don't know..."

This is what we reported earlier, but unfortunately, without meaning to, Gervais seems to have started a big debate about the need to preserve the "sacred" side of what happens in a hockey locker room.

It's almost become a real societal debate:

"There's a former Canadiens guy who told me that the sanctity of the Canadiens' locker room has been broken and compromised forever," Jean-Philippe Bertrand echoed.

In any case, we highly recommend reading the FULL book by Pierre Gervais.

A really interesting discussion between Perreault and Bertrand, see all the details right here:

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Sad development: Pierre Gervais is currently in a state of shock

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