Ryan Reaves warned P.K. Subban very seriously

Published November 17, 2021 at 6:19 PM

P.K. Subban has been in the news recently because of the injury he caused to New York Rangers forward Samuel Blais. Recall that the Quebecer will miss the rest of the season due to this injury.

The Rangers have been looking for Ryan Reaves in case this kind of situation occurs. However, he did not want to throw the gloves in Subban's face for his action. Instead, he threw down the gloves for the first time this season against Montreal Canadiens youngster Michael Pezzetta.

"It was a close game and Subban certainly wasn't going to fight me. What's going to happen, I'm going to check him, take a penalty, and they have a power play? I think I'd rather try to hit him while he's got his head down or something like that. I know who's going to fight me and who I'm going to get a chance to fight, and he's certainly not one of them," said Ryan Reaves.

In other words, Reaves believes Subban is scared to fight in general, so there would be no point in chasing Subban. Instead, Reaves might make him pay with a big check, when the time comes.

Subban will have to keep his head up when the Devils and Rangers meet on March 4th. Hockey players have long memories, Reaves may put his words into action.
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