Rumors linking him to the Canadiens: Pierre-Luc Dubois speaks out about his intentions

Published September 24, 2022 at 10:10

During the summer, Pierre-Luc Dubois' name was often in the news. The Winnipeg Jets forward was involved in all sorts of rumours linking him to the Habs because he would have told the Jets organization that he had no intention of signing a long-term deal with them.

However, he finally agreed to a one-season contract for $6 million and he will be an independent player again with compensation next summer.

Despite this new contract, many Canadiens fans hope to see him eventually wear a Habs uniform, but in an interview earlier this week with TSN, Dubois went back over the negotiations with the Jets and the various trade rumours surrounding him.

"When we're in negotiations, not much gets said. So it leaves room for imagination and rumors. Everyone wonders what's going on. I do too, because I'm a fan of other sports."

While some hockey fans believe Dubois signed a one-year contract to buy time, the Quebec forward has not closed the door on a long-term deal with the Jets.

"At the end of the day, this is my life we're talking about. Six, seven or eight years is a long time. It could take me to the end of my career. It's not just for me, it's for my family. It's a big decision that I wasn't ready to make this summer."

It's true that committing to a long-term contract can be demanding for an athlete, and the Jets would love to retain the services of their forward, as it's not easy to attract free agents to Manitoba.

He clearly intends to seriously evaluate his options, and take his time.

It remains to be seen where the Habs will be in two years, the year Pierre-Luc Dubois will become an unrestricted free agent, and if he is still interested in joining his childhood team.

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Rumors linking him to the Canadiens: Pierre-Luc Dubois speaks out about his intentions

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