Roberto Luongo published a picture that opens rumors about him

Published December 25, 2021 at 10:54

The Vancouver Canucks, like the Montreal Canadiens, still operate without a general manager. However, this role is held on an interim basis by the President of Hockey Operations. In the Canucks, Jim Rutherford is acting in that role. The team is still looking for someone to fill the role of Executive Director.

Since the team is looking for their man, Roberto Luongo took the opportunity to woo them by sending a photo to Darren Dreger, who asked people, via Twitter, to send a photo of their outdoor rink (ODR).

Luongo sent this photo to Dreger:

Is that not a nice nod to the Vancouver Canucks and Jim Rutherford? «Hey, boys, I put a picture of myself in my Canucks uniform as a wink and to let you know I'm here!»

«Bobby Lou» spent eight years in Vancouver, and he is adored and knows the Vancouver market, a powerful market. However, he asked to leave the team in 2014 to return to Florida. Would he really want to go back and take the reins of this club? Maybe!
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