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Roberto Luongo has made a tempting offer to newly retired Henrik Lundqvist

Published August 20, 2021 at 12:31

Roberto Luongo, a retired goaltender for two years, is a busy man in general, despite everything. He was the General Manager of Team Canada at the most recent World Hockey Championships, as well as a special advisor to Florida Panthers General Manager Bill Zito.

Luongo has always been a fan of legendary Twitter posts. However, this morning he had the idea of the century.

In his most recent post, he offered the newly retired Henrik Lundqvist the opportunity to create a podcast alongside him. The show would be called "Two Goats, no cup".

Luongo was referring to the fact that they had sensational careers, but did not have the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup. Luongo had lost in the final in 2011 to the Boston Bruins, when he was with the Vancouver Canucks. As for Lundqvist, he lost in 2014 when the Rangers lost to the Los Angeles Kings in the final.

If these two hockey legends were to get together to create a podcast, there's no doubt it would get people's attention. It absolutely has to happen! These two would most likely have a lot to say.

Will Henrik Lundqvist accept the Quebecer goalie's offer? We hope so!
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