Renaud Lavoie sends a clear message to Tim Stützle following Brendan Gallagher's comments

Published April 7, 2022 at 10:30

TVA Sports journalist Renaud Lavoie is known for his outspokenness and also for not having his tongue in his pocket.

Like many hockey fans, he likes to give his opinion on hot topics in the wonderful world of hockey.

On Wednesday, during his appearance on the JiC show, hosted by Jean-Charles Lajoie, he came back on the incident involving Tim Stützle and Nick Suzuki. The Senators' forward pretended to be seriously injured following a contact with Suzuki during Tuesday night's game at the Bell Centre.

Let's just say that Lavoie was not very kind to Stützle.

Two things are very important in the NHL. First, you respect your opponent. And two, I apologize for those who love the sport, but this is not soccer. You have to be responsible and everyone is going to work with you and do things the right way.

I remember after the Canadiens-Maple Leafs opener two years ago, Auston Matthews' agent complained that his client had received a lot of double-crosses from Shea Weber and Ben Chiarot. He said we weren't protecting star players. Listen to me. If you want a different kind of hockey, go play in Europe, go play somewhere else! Just because you're a star, like Stützle will be soon, doesn't mean you're entitled to privileges."

It has the merit of being clear.

Recall that Suzuki had received a two-minute penalty for giving the knee and the Senators scored the winning goal on that power play early in the third period.

After the game, Brendan Gallagher didn't hesitate to criticize the young Senators forward. So there will be electricity in the air when the two teams meet on April 23 in Ottawa.

To watch Renaud Lavoie's appearance on JiC, click below.

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Renaud Lavoie sends a clear message to Tim Stützle following Brendan Gallagher's comments

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