Renaud Lavoie had a lot to say about the government's lack of class

Published December 18, 2021 at 10:52

Last Thursday, the Quebec government put back in place drastic measures because of the cases of this new variant that have exploded. As a result, fans were told at 4:45 pm that the game against the Flyers would be played behind closed doors. Isn't that a great lack of class for the fans? Even more so for those who have traveled a long way to get to the Bell Centre?

Friday night on TVA Sports (via JiC), Renaud Lavoie rightly emptied his heart on the matter:

"It's a big lack of class to notify hockey fans at 4:45 p.m. that there won't be a game with a crowd two hours later. Why not do it in the early afternoon or even the morning? I'm repeating myself, but this is a total lack of class!

There is an impact to this. The National Hockey League is watching and wondering. The league executives are probably wondering if it's a good idea to hold the draft in Montreal in June, considering the fact that our government can, at the last second, choose to pull the plug without anyone saying a word.

If I was an NHL decision-maker, the draft would not be held in Montreal. A draft lasts two days and it involves a lot of people coming to town. It's a big event! I understand that the government wants to put on a show and scare people by using the Canadiens' logo. But this kind of decision will have an impact for the future."

How to disagree with Renaud? Then he is totally right, the decision makers could certainly reconsider their position on the next draft to be held in Montreal. Could they back off and place him somewhere else?

You never know, with our government being able to make decisions without warning, it could certainly worry Gary Bettman.

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