Réjean Tremblay spoke with Guy Lafleur's son and offers a sad update

Published April 21, 2022 at 5:02 PM

Unfortunately, there is a lot of information circulating about the condition of the great Guy Lafleur and some people are going too far, but personally, in order to keep you informed, but also in order to respect the Lafleur family, we will stick to the public information, revealed by the family of the Blond Demon himself. (or by the main person involved)

Notably, on the weekend, Guy Lafleur generously agreed to give public news about his own health condition:

"It's rough, it's painful. My weight has dropped to 169 pounds. It doesn't make sense! I'm off my medication. I let go of all that at Christmas. I want to have a good quality of life. I take life as it is." - Guy Lafleur

Also, there was this official statement from the Montreal Canadiens, released Tuesday:

"The affection that all Quebecers have for Guy Lafleur is the deepest and we understand that many are wondering about his current state of health. However, we ask everyone to respect the privacy of Guy and his family. No further comment will be issued at this time." - Montreal Canadiens

Today, there is news about Guy Lafleur, who (remember) is currently battling lung cancer

Veteran journalist Réjean Tremblay published an article this morning, in which he reports information from Martin Lafleur. He had a good conversation with him.

See an excerpt:

"Guy Lafleur is at home. On Tuesday, he watched the first half of the Habs game against the Wild. Not very convinced by the Habs' play. Then, in the second half of the game, he fell asleep. Martin left the TV on, thinking that maybe his father would follow the game in his sleep.

It's a huge accomplishment that Guy Lafleur is still alive. He is an incredible fighter. But he has stopped his treatments and is facing the inevitable.

Martin Lafleur, his son, his friend, his business manager. He does not want to discourage those who still have the strength to fight this enemy of humanity. But it is obvious that cancer continues to thwart all research to eliminate it." - Réjean Tremblay

Obviously difficult to read.

We wish the legendary Guy Lafleur all the best in his fight against this damn disease. We send him a huge wave of love and positive vibes.

We love you, Guy! Good luck to you!

For all the details, see here the complete article by Marc de Foy... :

And the full article by Réjean Tremblay:

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Réjean Tremblay spoke with Guy Lafleur's son and offers a sad update

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