Really interesting trade proposal involving Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens

Published June 1, 2022 at 11:12 PM

In anticipation of the famous 2022 NHL draft, and especially since the lottery, speculation and rumors are numerous, especially concerning the Montreal Canadiens' famous first overall pick.

In this article, we will focus on some picks that are rarely discussed these days and that will be extremely important: the 26th and 33rd overall.

The 26th being the CH's second first round pick (the one obtained in the trade with Calgary) and the 33rd being the CH's second round pick.

Blain Potvin (TheHockeyWriters) made an interesting proposal:

"If Hughes decides to package picks #26 and #33, to offer them in a trade, it would possibly give him enough value to acquire another top-15 pick... IF...there's a prospect he actually covets."

Honestly, I love the idea. When it comes to prioritizing quality over quantity, this is a great example.

Plus, it's a realistic proposal and one that could actually happen, because Jeff Gorton has made exactly this kind of trade many times in the past when he was GM of the New York Rangers.

We often talk about Simon Nemec, David Jiricek, Frank Nazar, Matthew Savoie, Joakim Kemell, Conor Geekie, etc., all of whom were once considered as potential #2 overall picks. Well, with another top-15 pick, the Montreal Canadiens could possibly add another one from this list (in addition to Shane Wright, or Juraj Slafkovsky or Logan Cooley)

Do you like the idea?

TO MONTREAL - Top-15 pick in 2022

TO ANOTHER ORGANIZATION - 26th and 33rd overall pick in 2022

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Really interesting trade proposal involving Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens

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