Really disappointing statement regarding Sean Monahan

Published December 17, 2022 at 2:30 PM

Even if he has to miss a few games because of an injury, Sean Monahan remains the Habs' biggest surprise this season.

And for the past few weeks, some experts, but also some fans, would like to see number 91 extend his stay in Montreal by signing a contract extension. He will be an uncompensated free agent at the end of the season and we can feel that he loves playing for the Habs as he is probably in the process of reviving his career which has been on the decline for the past few years.

However, as reported by Vincent Fournier of LetsGoHabs, a former CH coach is more of the opinion that Monahan will test the free agent market next summer.

At least that's what Michel Therrien told Jean-Charles Lajoie during his appearance on TVA Sports' JiC.

According to him, this could be his last chance to get a lucrative contract and he probably won't be back with the team next year.

"My personal 'gut feeling,' without having a 'scoop,' is that he wants to test the market," he predicted. These players are coming into the peak of their careers. It doesn't happen often during their career."

That would be disappointing, but hey, to be continued.

However, Therrien still wants the Sean Monahan adventure to continue with the Habs, and hopefully #91 will come back strong in the coming weeks so that Kent Hughes will be able to get maximum value should he be forced to trade his forward at the trade deadline.

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Really disappointing statement regarding Sean Monahan

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