Quebec hockey President Jocelyn Thibault is very concerned about what he is hearing these days in Ottawa

Published July 31, 2022 at 4:48 PM

Recently, one local hockey association in Quebec, the Granby Minor Hockey Association, declared that it would no longer send funds to Hockey Canada. At the same time, they are asking other associations to cut their ties with the beleaguered organization as well.

At the end of last week, Hockey Quebec's Director General, Jocelyn Thibault, commented on the Hockey Canada file via several media outlets. He seems to be very concerned about what he is hearing these days in Ottawa.

"Everyone is a little uncomfortable with what we've heard in the last few weeks." - Jocelyn Thibault, general manager of Hockey Quebec

A meeting is scheduled next week between Hockey Quebec and all the presidents of the province's minor hockey associations to discuss the matter. Will of course be discussed the consequences of withdrawing, as the Granby Minor Hockey Association will do, its funds to Hockey Canada.

"We are all shocked. It's concerning. I would point out that the provinces' relationship with Hockey Canada is essentially a service provider relationship. If a player pays $450 in registration fees, about $30 goes to Hockey Canada to cover insurance for players, coaches and others who participate in federation-sanctioned activities. Hockey Canada also provides coaching and officiating certifications." - Jocelyn Thibault

The general manager seems to be saying that Hockey Quebec could cover the insurance costs, but it won't be that simple. Especially when activities will resume very soon for the elite teams in Quebec. The risk would be very large, but it would be possible.

If the branches decided to stop paying dues to Hockey Canada, just a few days before the start of activities for AAA teams, and a few weeks before those of other categories, I think the risk is very high that there would be an impact on the insurance of our members and the tournaments that will take place in the coming months. To my knowledge, that said, we could assume this insurance offer..." - Jocelyn Thibault

It will be interesting to see what Hockey Quebec decides to do in this matter. Thibault, regardless of the decision chosen, will have to provide leadership and explain well the choice of the Quebec Federation.

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