Possible turnaround: Renaud Lavoie makes a surprising prediction about PK Subban

Published August 31, 2022 at 2:45 PM

Defenseman P.K. Subban is still free as a bird and without a contract for the upcoming season, and time is running out for the former Montreal Canadiens.

Clearly, he is waiting for the right opportunity and he has not been impressed with the offers he has received.

Remember that last season, Subban earned $9 million.


As reported by my colleague Alexandre Desrosiers (Rumeursdetransaction.com), TVA Sports Network tipster Renaud Lavoie was on Mario Langlois' show (Les amateurs de sports) yesterday on the Cogeco network, and he spoke out on the PK Subban file.

He gave a really surprising opinion.

According to him, Subban would get more money to be an analyst on ESPN, rather than to play another season in the NHL.

Remember that Subban has already started his career as an analyst, during NHL games, last May (during the most recent playoffs). He also already admitted that it is a job he would love to practice, when his career as a professional hockey player would be over.

According to Lavoie, Subban's next NHL contract would not exceed $1.5 million. He even expects a salary in the six figures, not to mention the minimum salary in the NHL.

But as an analyst at ESPN, PK Subban could possibly earn much more than that. It will be really interesting to watch, in any case.

Do you agree with Renaud Lavoie that, against all odds, Subban could sign with... ESPN? That would be quite a turnaround.

To listen to Lavoie's full interview on 98.5 Sports, click ICI.
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Possible turnaround: Renaud Lavoie makes a surprising prediction about PK Subban

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