Possible trade involving Sean Monahan: important statement by journalist François Gagnon

Published February 6, 2023 at 7:22 PM

At this time last year, Habs fans were excited about the approaching trade deadline because Kent Hughes could potentially fill out the organization by adding several prospects and also some interesting draft picks.

And let's just say that we were not disappointed with the final result as several quality transactions were completed by the new Habs GM.

However, as Charles-Alexis Brisebois of Danslescoulisses.com reports, hockey fans may still be hungry for this year's trade period.

According to François Gagnon of RDS, the trade value that Kent Hughes could get for certain players could disappoint Habs fans. This would seem to be the case for two players in particular, Joel Edmundson and Sean Monahan.

Big statement from Francois Gagnon regarding Monahan.

Here are his explanations:

Fully fit and healthy, Monahan and Edmundson are the Habs' most attractive players. The trouble, and it's a big one, is that they're nowhere near full health; even further from full health.

The point is not that Monahan and Edmundson are not good players, but that at this point, their value might not be as high as one might hope.

Monahan hasn't played since early December and he won't have enough time left to make his mark and increase his value. As for Edmundson, his value is still good but we should not have high expectations for a possible trade.

However, the fact that he has another year left on his contract works in his favor but like Monahan, Edmundson has had his share of injuries in recent years and other NHL teams are aware of what he could bring to a team looking for depth on defense.

Gagnon also added that if Kent Hughes doesn't get what he wants for his defenseman, he could always decide to keep him instead of giving him away at a discount.

We are a little more than three weeks away from the trade deadline but unlike last year, it could very well be that this year, Habs fans will be disappointed by what happens next.

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Possible trade involving Sean Monahan: important statement by journalist François Gagnon

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