Possible trade for Kent Hughes in the draft: Columbus adds a new option

Jeff Drouin
June 18, 2022  (11:50 PM)

While many speculate that Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens could go after the Devils' second overall pick, columnist Mathias Brunet suggests another alternative.

It's true that the New Jersey GM is listening to trade offers for his second overall pick, but he's not the only one, there are other options:
"The Habs could use their 26th and 33rd overall picks to get closer to a top-10 pick. On the other hand, having the first two picks might not be the best idea." - 91.9 Sports

According to Brunet, if the Habs want to make a major trade to move up in the first round, it would be more for a pick like the 12th overall to the Columbus Blue Jackets.
They too are listening to offers for that pick, and it gives Kent Hughes a nice additional opportunity.
Personally, I'm not against the idea, because the acquisition price will be much lower and it's not impossible to come out of there with a player who will have as good a career as the one who will be drafted second.
If you look at past drafts, there's no doubt about it.
Another positive point is that we would have our coup de théâtre that many fans at the Bell Centre will be waiting for, and we won't have to give away any impact players.
For the second overall pick, we would have to give (at least) a Kaiden Guhle or another solid player of the kind + the 26th and possibly the 33rd pick.
For the Jackets' 12th pick, Kent Hughes could offer his 26th and 33rd picks overall, and he'd probably be close to a deal.
At the 12th pick, there's obviously going to be at least one player left with very high potential, like Joakim Kemell, Matthew Savoie, Jonathan Lekkerimaki, Conor Geekie or Frank Nazar. It could be really worth it.
Do you agree with Mathias Brunet's suggestion to focus more on a pick like 12 overall, rather than going for the Devils' big pick?
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Possible trade for Kent Hughes in the draft: Columbus adds a new option

Would you like to see Kent Hughes complete a trade, to advance to the 2022 draft, near the top-10?

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