Possible return to the Montreal Canadiens: an interesting answer from Phillip Danault

Published September 29, 2022 at 9:38

We told you about it yesterday, Quebec forward Phillip Danault gave a very interesting interview to Jean-Charles Lajoie, an interview during which he was true to his habit, very direct and very transparent.

In addition to talking openly about his relationship with Marc Bergevin, Danault was asked by JiC about the possibility of returning to Montreal one day to play for the Canadiens again.

Check out his answer, as reported by TVA Sports:

"If you've made enough money in your life and it gives you one more chance to win, that's something that can happen. It depends on the role as well and the condition of your body at the end of your career. Patrice is the real deal and he's showing respect to an organization that has respected him his entire career as well."

- Phillip Danault

Asked if he could consider coming to finish his career in Montreal, he did not close the door. An interesting answer, but it's definitely not for tomorrow, in any case.

He also gives the example of Patrice Bergeron, who just accepted a discounted contract with the Boston Bruins.

In any case, another thing that is very clear from this interview is that Danault is really happy in Los Angeles. He has absolutely no head for his next destination at the moment and we can understand that.

However, he was asked the question and it's interesting to see his answer.

Danault, 29, has 51 points, including 27 goals, in 79 games with Los Angeles in 2021-22. He earns $5.5 million per year through 2027.

For the full interview and details:

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Possible return to the Montreal Canadiens: an interesting answer from Phillip Danault

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