Possible retirement of Carey Price: we finally have a date

Published August 19, 2022 at 9:25

After yesterday's big day for the Montreal Canadiens, with the announcement of the acquisition of Sean Monahan (trade with the Calgary Flames), general manager Kent Hughes had another surprise in store, a bad one.

He announced that goaltender Carey Price's name will be placed on the long-term injured list, and the 2022-23 season of number 31 is likely already over (before it even gets started).

Following this announcement, many fans and observers believe that it is over for Carey Price and that he has played his last game in the NHL.


Kent Hughes was asked the question (whether Carey's career is over or not) and here's what he said:

"Hughes tells us that more information about Price (and his future) will be available after he undergoes his physical at the start of training camp."

- John Lu, TSN

From what we understand from Hughes' response (and his explanations that follow), that's when we'll know if 1) Carey Price's career is over or 2) if there's still hope for 2023-24.

Hughes adds that after this review, if there is a big announcement to be made regarding Price, they will do an official press conference together.

Unfortunately, we're keeping our expectations very low, but at least we'll have more clarity at that point.

It's a date to watch for, early in camp, and we'll keep you posted. For the full press briefing and full explanation from Hughes:

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Possible retirement of Carey Price: we finally have a date

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