Possible acquisition for the CH: Kyle Dubas almost invites GMs to make a hostile offer for his defenseman Rasmus Sandin

Published September 6, 2022 at 9:34 PM

It is no longer a secret to fans that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will be looking to add a young defenseman between now and the start of the season. They clearly mentioned it; Hughes in a media scrum, and Gorton in an interview.

We're looking at the options on the free agent market, and it's not very interesting. However, there could be an interesting situation to watch on the Toronto side.

It's that of restricted free agent Rasmus Sandin, a young Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman who is left-handed, but often plays right-handed.

Could he be an option for the CH via a hostile offer?

Remember, of course, that almost a year ago Montreal was involved in a hostile offer (the one made by the Carolina Hurricanes for Jesperi Kotkaniemi), so could Kent Hughes be on the other side of the table this season?

It's a possibility. Why?

Because Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas has practically invited other NHL teams to make a hostile offer to the young Sandin.

We were talking specifically about the CH here because firstly, that's the team we're rooting for, and secondly, because Sandin is exactly what Hughes and Gorton need.

Dubas opens the door to a hostile bid.

Asked about being very vulnerable to a possible hostile offer being filed against Sandin, see what Dubas said:

"If there is a hostile offer, the sooner the better, so we can finally make a decision and move on." - Kyle Dubas, Maple Leafs general manager

Based on all the information we have and that which has recently been reported, negotiations are definitely not going in the right direction between Sandin and the Leafs.

Dubas even seemed to show frustration, at times, on this issue.

Do you think the CH should take advantage of this and explore this possibility?

Note here that the Maple Leafs are already over the NHL salary cap by $1.5 million and have not yet signed Sandin.

In the event of a hostile offer, the compensation for Sandin would be :

- A third round pick for a contract of $1.3 million to $2 million

- A second round pick for a contract of $2.1 to $4.2 million

The second scenario is clearly the most realistic. Would you do it?

Sandin, 22 and drafted 29th overall in 2018 (first round) by Toronto, has 28 points in 88 career NHL games. Those stats include 16 points in 51 games in 2021-2022.

He is seen as a young, mobile, complete and promising back.

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Possible acquisition for the CH: Kyle Dubas almost invites GMs to make a hostile offer for his defenseman Rasmus Sandin

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