Pierre LeBrun gave his thoughts on what will happen with the Habs between now and March 21

Published March 11, 2022 at 4:21 PM

Over the years, Pierre LeBrun has built a reputation as a very credible insider, becoming one of the best in his profession. Let's say that, when he makes predictions, we often have the impression that he is in the secret of the gods so often they occur.

LeBrun gave his thoughts on what he thinks will happen with the Habs between now and March 21, the NHL trade deadline:

"He's not going to force things just for the sake of doing a show with trades, apart from Chiarot. For example, over the past few days teams have expressed interest in Artturi Lehkonen. The response was, "We're not looking to trade Artturi Lehkonen, but here's the price if you want to be serious." I think they were rather short conversations"

We all know that Ben Chiarot is on the market and that it's a matter of time before he is traded, he has an excellent trade value. Apart from the sturdy defender, it remains rather vague and Kent Hughes, although a seller, does not seem very aggressive. He is more of the patient type, who will wait for the right offer to conclude a trade.

LeBrun therefore believes that the Toffoli trade and the upcoming Chiarot trade could be the only two moves Hughes makes before March 21.

To be continued

As reported by my colleague Christian Matte of marqueur.com/news, Source : Marqueur.com
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