Pierre Gervais reveals the CH's biggest mistake this season and Marc Bergevin's biggest mistake

Jeff Drouin
April 29, 2022  (9:37)

On Friday night, Pierre Gervais will serve as the Montreal Canadiens' equipment manager for the last time. He announced at the beginning of the season that he would be stepping down after 21 seasons as equipment manager and more than 35 years with the organization.

In a great long interview with Martin Lemay on 91.9 Sports, the man known as Gerv looked back on his best career moments. The interview of course turned to the club's current miserable season and on that subject, the equipment manager has his thoughts on what has hurt the club the most.
According to him, the departure of Corey Perry was a big mistake and left a huge void. Gervais praised Perry's leadership skills and said he wouldn't be surprised to see him leading an NHL club from the second floor in the near future.
In my book, it was a big mistake to let him go. I don't want to judge anyone and I'm not afraid to say it, but the guys were so disappointed to see him go." - Pierre Gervais

Seeing how the club's leaders have fared this season, the support of a Perry certainly wouldn't have hurt... Speaking of leaders, Gervais made a point of praising, on TVA Sports, Guy Lafleur, a man for whom he has the utmost respect.
"We knew Guy was sick. Internally, we knew a little more. I had a twinge of sadness when I made the labels with the number 10 for the jerseys. Guy was the first player I met when I arrived at training camp at the Montreal Forum in 1984. He came to shake my hand and welcome me. I got to know him afterwards, we would see each other at the Bell Centre and chat on occasion." - Pierre Gervais

It will be interesting to see how the Canadiens organization will mark the last game of Gervais with the club. He admitted that he preferred to be in the shadows than in front of the spotlight, but a tribute is in order.
I'm ready to move on. It's certain that I have a little pinch. Me, I'd rather be in the shadows than in the spotlight. I can't wait for it to be over, honestly. It's going to be a very special day, it's still 44 years I've been behind a hockey bench and 35 in Montreal." - Pierre Gervais
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Pierre Gervais reveals the CH's biggest mistake this season and Marc Bergevin's biggest mistake

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