Phillip Danault: Finding a Wrong Decision and Assessment

Published January 17, 2022 at 8:47

It's amazing how much the loss of Phillip Danault hurts the Montreal Canadiens. When he was a member of the Red, White, and Blue team, it was said that he was not in the right chair and bla bla bla. He played the role of first pivot, while some specialists said that he was actually the perfect 3rd center.

But in reality, with the hindsight and the season that he knows in California, without all the pressure that suffocates him, we see that he is a perfect piece behind a high level center like Anze Kopitar.

Looking for nothing, the number 24 has 21 points, including nine goals, which would place him at the top of the scorers and scorers at Sainte-Flanelle. With the Kings, he is the 5th best scorer, the 10th most used player (17 minutes 59) and the number one inferior main weapon.

With the Kings, he proves exactly who he is, and then, looking at him from the corner of the eye, we think that the Montreal Canadiens would perform much better with a Danault in his ranks. But in the end, it was too expensive for Marc Bergevin too expensive for what?? This guy makes his teammates better, which is not given to all players!
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