Phil Kessel's value is now known

Published August 17, 2021 at 12:32

Phil Kessel has been in the showcase for a while now, but he is still in Arizona at the time of writing this. Kessel will pocket his $5 million bonus on September 1st, so Bill Armstrong is ready to part with him, especially since Rich Tocchet, who had a special relationship with Kessel, is no more. As a good Quebecer, Tocchet made sure that Kessel didn't do too much overflow with the Coyotes.

Yes, he is good. Yes, he still has gas left in his tank, having scored 43 points, including 20 goals, in 56 games last season. Kessel's greatest strength is not his scoring ability, but considering the fact that he NEVER visits the infirmary, he is an iron man, no less! On top of that, his actual salary will be $1 million this year, even though his impact on the payroll is much higher (8 million according to Cap Friendly), the 'Yotes are willing to keep 50% of it.

But, add to that Armstrong is reportedly only asking for a low third round pick in return for Kessel's services, which is very little for the quality of player that he is. On the other hand, his particular personality remains unappealing, which keeps MANY general managers away. He needs to be well coached to not flaunt his personality too much in an environment.

"I think the Coyotes would be very happy to get a 3rd round pick in return for Phil Kessel at this time," said Craig Morgan.

With a rebuilding team like the Coyotes, Kessel certainly doesn't want to be there anymore and the club doesn't seem to want his services anymore. So the divorce is inevitable between Kessel and the Coyotes.
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