Patrice Bergeron with the Vegas Golden Knights?

Published June 15, 2022 at 6:58 PM

Early last week, the Boston Bruins surprised many by announcing the surprise firing of their head coach Bruce Cassidy, who has never missed the playoffs since his hiring.

In short, things seem to be in turmoil over there (between GM Don Sweeney, the president, and even some players).

Will Cassidy be the only one to leave the Bruins? It seems very unlikely, especially since the main interested party has clearly thrown gasoline on the fire, with some very interesting comments about his (former) captain, Patrice Bergeron.

Cassidy mentioned that he would really like to bring him along, because they have "an incredible and privileged relationship" together.

Cassidy on Bergeron: "I'd love to bring him with me. ... We have a great relationship."

Since that statement, as you know and as we were talking about yesterday, Cassidy has been hired as head coach of the Vegas Golden Knights.

Can we make the connection? Many do, especially since these are not just rumors. It comes from Cassidy himself.

Let's also remember that Patrice Bergeron is an uncompensated free agent this summer, he is free as a bird. He can therefore sign with any team of his choice.

Will he decide to try his luck in Vegas and join Bruce Cassidy? That certainly seems to be a possibility.

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Patrice Bergeron with the Vegas Golden Knights?

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