Ouch! Mike Hoffman went back on his relationship with Erik Karlsson

Published September 23, 2021 at 9:58

We all know that Mike Hoffman is a 30-goal scorer and that he is a massive offense specialist. We also know the other side of the coin, his possible attitude problem... Remember the story involving Erik Karlsson and the spouses of the two former teammates.

In 2017-18, during his last season with the Ottawa Senators, a squabble broke out between Karlsson and Hoffman as the spouse of the former Sens captain firmly accused the lover of the new Canadiens darling of bullying and harassment via social media.

Obviously, #85's reputation ate quite a slap and he was fully aware of it.

"It wasn't ideal for a reputation. I don't have to answer too many questions about it when I sign a new contract. But this story will follow me until the day we are buried," said Hoffman.

His reputation has been destroyed on all the networks, but let's hope that no formal charges have been filed. Hoffman always says that his couple had a bad publicity, but he was not guilty of anything ... The people still sided with the captain's couple at that time!

That said, since then, do you think Hoffman and Karlsson have explained themselves like two grown-up people? Hoffman's response and concise... but very specific!

"I never spoke with Erik again!"

That has the merit of being very clear!
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