Norman Flynn clearly doesn't understand the Canadiens' plan and makes a very controversial suggestion

Published November 16, 2022 at 10:52

A few days ago, the Habs surprised many by putting forward Rem Pitlick on waivers.

Even if he wasn't having a great start to the season, many Canadiens fans would have liked to see Evgenii Dadonov or even Jonathan Drouin go through waivers instead of number 32, but as we know, it would have been very surprising if one of the two was claimed by another team.

In the end, Pitlick was not claimed and he was sent to the Laval Rocket, but for an analyst known for not having his tongue in his pocket, this decision by Kent Hughes to waive Pitlick made no sense.

As reported by Marco Normandin of Habsolumentfan.com, Norman Flynn mentioned it during his appearance on BPM Sports, and he wasn't shy about criticizing the Habs organization.

"I'm having a little trouble following the way he wants to run this. We're on the line between development and veterans who don't want to play and we're not even able to waive them. Pitlick on waivers is a joke! Put Drouin or Dadonov on waivers and you'll surprise me! [...] Everything they do is predictable."

Flynn even went so far as to compare the Habs' management with that of the Vegas Golden Knights, which let's face it, may not be the best example to follow.

"Do you know what they got from Carolina for sending Pacioretty there along with a defenseman? Future considerations. They didn't care about the first pick they gave for it. We don't want it. Gotta go! Bye! That's management! The managing director who does something I wouldn't be able to do because he has the knowledge I don't have. That's what it would take in Montreal. [...] We don't seem to have a plan."

Once again, the analyst does not go with the back of the spoon to say his way of thinking, but let's say that we start to be used to this kind of statements from him. It makes people talk, especially when we know that the Golden Knights are not really an example to follow, in terms of personnel management.

To hear Norman Flynn's comments, click below.

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Norman Flynn clearly doesn't understand the Canadiens' plan and makes a very controversial suggestion

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