Nick Suzuki's name and the word "break" do not mix well!

Published September 23, 2021 at 3:16 PM

Nick Suzuki is THE first offensive center the Montreal Canadiens have been waiting for in ages. The 22-year-old is a very special individual, as well as an athlete dedicated to his sport and his team.

Following his team's practice this morning, Nick Suzuki spoke to the Montreal media about his goals for this year. He has been working hard on his face-offs over the summer and his short-handed game, as he knows he will have to fill on the shoes that Phillip Danault wore, in a way.

Also, the Ontario center made a revelation that only confirms what I said above, Suzuki is a VERY serious athlete. He only took two weeks off after the Stanley Cup Final. Then he went back to the gym and the rink to train and work on his explosion on skate.

There's a reason Nick Suzuki is expected to have an "A" on his jersey this year. He may not be the most vocal, but the "kid" has incredible poise and leads his team by example. A great season awaits him, no doubt about it!
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