Nick Suzuki knows what plan he would like the new leadership to adopt

Published February 4, 2022 at 6:49 PM

At the age of only 22, Nick Suzuki will participate for the first time in NHL All-Star Game, as he dominates the Canadiens with 27 points in 44 games.

As its eight-year contract begins next year, Suzuki represents not only the present but also the future of its team. In this sense, he is ready to be part of a rebuild, if that is the plan that the new leadership will adopt.

«No matter what the new leadership chooses to do, I'm all in,» said Suzuki, on the eve of the All-Star weekend.

Although still relatively young, number 14 is already part of the CH leaders' group. The latter hopes to be able to serve as an example for the young people who will join the training in the years to come.

"We are a good group of young players. We are all motivated to play the right way. So I think we're a good group to build around.»

«Let's hope that this will allow us to succeed quickly and that the rebuild will not take four years,» Suzuki concluded, clearly indicating his preference for a reset rather than a full rebuild.

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