Nick Suzuki just put a ton of pressure on Marc Bergevin's shoulders

Published August 30, 2021 at 11:10

Nick Suzuki was on the Dale Weise Podcast yesterday to discuss several hot topics, including Jesperi Kotkaniemi.

If you were wondering if Nick Suzuki took a vacation after the Stanley Cup Final, think again. Suzuki only took two short weeks off before starting to train again for the upcoming season. This proves once again that he is a true competitor and will do anything to win. He even mentioned that he prefers the shorter summers because there is less waiting time in the off-season.

He talked about the last season which was extremely difficult mentally and physically. The team had its share of ups and downs, as well as playing approximately four games a week. He compared the last season as a playoff season, but over 56 games. The Habs looked extremely tired towards the end of the regular season, so you can see why... Playing 56 games at a playoff pace must be hard on the human body. Hockey players constantly show how tough and tolerant they are as athletes.

Number 14 also explained why he stayed on the ice to watch the Lightning celebrate their triumph, even though he was in tears. He did this in order to motivate himself. It's amazing to be so mentally mature, despite his young age of 22.

The London native ended his interview by commenting on the topic of the day right now, which concerns one of his teammate and good friend in Jesperi Kotkaniemi. Obviously, Suzuki is not ready to let his friend go, just like the rest of the players...

"Offer sheets are part of the business, all restricted free agents are exposed to this kind of thing. It's a great contract for him and his family, it's a lot of money. I'm sure the Canadiens will find a way to keep KK in Montreal, because I know the players, and they don't want to lose him, and neither does the staff. They're bound to find a way to get him back with the team."

With a statement like that from Suzuki, if Marc Bergevin was hoping to let KK go to Carolina, he might get tomatoes thrown at him from his players. Kotkaniemi is obviously a very beloved player in the locker room, which could negatively affect the team. Suzuki is considered a young leader on the roster who will have a big role this year, especially with Danault gone, so Bergevin may need to consult with his players before making a decision...

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