Nick Suzuki delivers a powerful message to Montreal Canadiens fans

Published April 25, 2022 at 2:28 PM

On Sunday night, the Montreal Canadiens organization paid tribute to its star, Guy Lafleur. The emotion was at its peak and the fans gave a great tribute to the great number 10.

This evening has not only marked the fans, but also the players present. One of them is Nick Suzuki, who admitted after the game that he understood the relationship between the fans and the players of the club.

"I think you can tell how much the players mean to this city. To have a grandstand like that and the standing ovation, it was amazing." - Nick Suzuki

The young veteran said he wants to make an impact in the community, just as Guy Lafleur did during and especially after his career.

"Just being in the city, taking the time to set an example in the community. I want to continue to do that throughout my career." - Nick Suzuki

Those are great words for a young man who could, very soon, become the next club captain. Let's hope he puts his money where his mouth is!

It's a powerful message he's sending here to CH fans, and he's reiterated (a few times) that he doesn't take it for granted to play for Montreal. He realizes that it is an honor, a privilege and that he must continue to earn that privilege.

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Nick Suzuki delivers a powerful message to Montreal Canadiens fans

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