Nathan MacKinnon faked an injury?

Published March 31, 2022 at 10:29

We have just lived an unusual situation on the Colorado side, when at the beginning of the week, the Avalanche's management (including head coach Jared Bednar) admitted to being very worried about the health of their star player Nathan MacKinnon.

They hinted that his season may be over, as the star forward was rushed to Colorado this past weekend (while his team was on the road). A wrist injury suffered in a fight with the Wild's Matt Dumba was the cause.

Bednar reiterated (again yesterday) that the Avalanche's level of concern about MacKinnon's injury was "very high." As a result, many poolers and fans have begun to grieve for MacKinnon to finish the season.

Finally, this morning, a twist. Head coach Jared Bednar just said on "Altitude Radio" that Nathan MacKinnon would play tonight.

So they went from a "very high level of concern" to "he's going to play tonight" in record time. Anyway, this is great news, but many fans are wondering what just happened in this case.

March 31   |   139 answers
Nathan MacKinnon faked an injury?

Did MacKinnon fake the injury?

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