NHL makes another controversial decision: you can see the result at tonight's Habs game

Published October 14, 2022 at 8:56 PM

The NHL owners' desire for profit and profitability has distorted the product. It started with the addition of a small advertisement on the helmets. It was said at the time to be a source of revenue to recover the money lost during the pandemic.

Seeing their pockets replenished, the league agreed to another addition of advertising, this time on the jerseys. However, there was more grumbling in the media and among fans. The league went ahead with the project despite the dissatisfaction. It even took the audacity of adding profits to another level...

As you may have noticed, since the beginning of the season, the league's arenas have been equipped with new digital strips (digitally modified) that broadcast continuous advertising.

In order to maximize their profits with this new technology, the league has brilliantly decided that it is acceptable to have the ads changed during the game. In addition to the advertising that is added to the windows, our brains are constantly bombarded with information.

This bombardment is the best way to disgust fans and more importantly, distort the television experience. Instead of focusing on the game, we only see the paid additions for the league. It's enough to give some a solid headache.

Not to mention that since the beginning of the season, the lighting at the Bell Centre is constantly changing, from red to white for example, surely due to the upper ring of the amphitheatre that keeps on rolling out its advertising, once again during the game, to the people present there.

All these points start to ruin the experience not only of television, but of sports. This latest addition to the NHL tapes, however, seems to be getting a lot of flack. Fans have already started to react via social networks. Let's hope that the NHL will find some sense in the next few days...

You can notice these changes during tonight's game.

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NHL makes another controversial decision: you can see the result at tonight's Habs game

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