NHL break is not just because of COVID-19

Published December 21, 2021 at 8:42

The Players Association and the NHL have finally put this 2021-22 season on pause due to the outbursts of COVID cases across the circuit. All league activities will be frozen from December 22 to 26.

However, according to the information gathered by Louis Jean, this forced pause would not be only because of the COVID... It was more about fairness for all NHL teams.

It makes a lot of sense because a team decimated by COVID, deprived of its best players, and then having to play with 11 forwards and/or 5 defensemen, is not fair.

In short, the NHL and NHLPA made the right decision under the circumstances. The players will be able to spend time with their families over Christmas and return to their respective teams on December 26th.
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