Montreal Canadiens specific publication: we finally have an explanation

Published August 28, 2022 at 9:08 PM

In the last few hours, a rather peculiar publication, published by the official account of the Montreal Canadiens organization, has caused a lot of reaction on the web.

Ironically, it is one of the most shared and commented videos of the last few weeks, for the Habs.

All this, for a simple video of Sean Monahan eating toast. In short, it didn't take much to set the web on fire, because it's, shall we say, pretty unusual content coming from an NHL team!

"The MTL market is different from others. Are you sure you're ready to handle this?"

-Hey, I've been playing in the NHL for 9 years!

"No, but there's really nothing like MTL."

-I'm telling you, it's okay!


"Sean, today we're going to film you eating toast. For the fans."

- Anthony Martineau

It's pretty funny and it got a good laugh in the media today, but finally, it turns out there's possibly an explanation.

We were wondering why the Canadiens released this video, where we can see Monahan eating toast, without any punch in the end.


As my colleague David St-Jean of reports, while reading your comments, a well-traveled internet user identified the reason for this video, and it's pretty hilarious.

Indeed, a Twitter account under the name of Boring Sean Monahan posted this on August 19:

"I texted Paul Byron and asked him if he eats toast for lunch and he said yes."

The video of the Canadiens is therefore, one imagines, a response to this publication, which had rightly caused a stir. Thank you to this Internet user to have put the chip in our ear.

It's obviously not a big deal, and that's why it's hilarious, but it's been around a lot today and it's interesting to see that there was an explanation, finally.

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Montreal Canadiens specific publication: we finally have an explanation

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