Monster offer: a major revelation about Patrice Bergeron and the Montreal Canadiens

Published November 21, 2022 at 8:19

By accepting a new deal with the Boston Bruins organization last summer, Patrice Bergeron once again showed his loyalty to the organization and also his desire to finish his career with the Bruins.

As we know, his former agent, a certain Kent Hughes, is now the GM of the Canadiens and some experts had suggested the possibility that Hughes could repatriate his former client with his new team.

However, the dream of some Canadiens fans quickly faded away, as the 37-year-old veteran is still a member of the Bruins organization. Barring a huge surprise, he should finish his career in Boston.

On the other hand, as reported by Fanadiens.com, we almost saw the star center with the Habs nine years ago.

On The Raw Knuckles Podcast, hosted by Chris Nilan. the former Habs strongman was hosting Kent Hughes and Hughes went on to make a startling revelation about his former client. In 2013, he had mentioned to his client that his value was around 9.5 million per year and that Marc Bergevin was willing to pay him that amount to bring him to Montreal.


"The highest paid players had $8.5 million a year, and I think that was Perry and Getzlaf.

Kent Hughes to Patrice Bergeron:

You're worth $9.5 million! You're better than them, in my opinion. And also, there's a team four and a half hours away (Montreal), northeast of here, your team's biggest rivals, who are desperate to get a first center and a captain."

See the excerpt below:

Wow, at the time, players making close to $10 million a year were quite rare and Bergeron could have become one of the highest paid players in the NHL.

However, what really mattered to the Bruins player was winning and he even told his agent that he insisted on only $6.5 million. Let's just say it's pretty rare to see an athlete accept less money to focus on winning.

Bergeron's gamble to stay with the Bruins this season is paying off, as the team is sitting atop the NHL standings, and the captain's contribution is helping, as he is having a great season with 17 points in 18 games.

In sports, there is nothing more rewarding than winning. Hats off to Patrice.
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Monster offer: a major revelation about Patrice Bergeron and the Montreal Canadiens

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