Mike Hoffman seems to have understood some things since he arrived with the Habs

Published November 13, 2021 at 3:40 PM

The biggest surprise for me so far this season is Mike Hoffman. He's producing offensively, putting up seven points in ten games, that's okay, that's his job. We expected that kind of impact from him.

On the other hand, coming in here, Hoffman had a background and a reputation. He was criticized for not being involved in the game and having an attitude problem. Yet, since his arrival here, no negative comments have been mentioned about him, quite the opposite.

Number 68 skates well and is involved in the game. He's not the most combative or physically strong along the boards, certainly, there has been an obvious change in his overall game.

In fact, I haven't seen him this effective without the puck since he turned pro.

Against the Flames, Hoffman made amends for his mistake by picking up the puck to set up Nick Suzuki's goal.

This is not the Mike Hoffman of old times who signed with the Habs. He came here to play hockey.

Probably Mike Hoffman has bought into Dominique Ducharme's way of doing business, who is a VERY demanding coach on his players. If Hoffman wants to stay in Dom Ducharme's good graces, will have to keep some consistency in his efforts.

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