Mike Hoffman came back on the dispute between his wife and Erik Karlsson's wife

Published July 30, 2021 at 10:17

Mike Hoffman, the Montreal Canadiens' latest big acquisition, arrives with the team very excited about scoring goals. He remains an amazing goal scorer, with a very precise shot, and he knows how to use it at the right time. The Habs were looking for a good scorer on the market and it was only natural that they would turn to the 31-year-old winger.

However, Hoffman comes with him some major deficiencies. Even though he said he was good on the entire surface of the ice, we all know that it is not the case and that his defensive mindset is far from perfect. Yes, he is an amazing weapon for the massive offense, but at 5-on-5, he will have to play with players who are defensively aware, otherwise, Ducharme will come out cursing.

As a major flaw, is it fair to address his attitude, which was questioned during his long stay in Ottawa? I remind you that prior to Erik Karlsson's departures, he and his wife had an inflamed argument, which certainly left a lasting impression on Hoffman. His reputation took a hit, believe me! But the number 68 has moved on, and says he has learned from the situation.

"I try to take the positives out of every experience. It got me here today and it makes me the person I am!" said Hoffman.

Speaking of Mike Hoffman's attitude, former Ottawa Senators assistant coach Martin Raymond, who was behind the bench while Hoffman was there, didn't want to get into the details. But we have to read between the lines!

"We had a great first year when we arrived in 2016. The next two years were more difficult, because we lost depth. It was getting harder for the players," said Raymond.

Anyway, one thing that is positive about all of this, Luke Richardson knows Hoffman well and most likely had some say in his addition. So if he ends up in Montreal, there has to be a reason right?
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