Michel Therrien throws Geoff Molson under the buss and calls him a liar

Published October 30, 2022 at 1:48

In the last few hours, just before the game between the Canadiens and the Blues, former head coach Michel Therrien made a shocking statement.

He threw his former boss, Geoff Molson, under the bus.

As reported by my colleague Keven Mawn of Fanadiens, according to Therrien's statement, Geoff Molson and the Habs would be outright opposed to a return of the Quebec Nordiques.

"Michel Therrien goes with a controversial statement to TVASports. He says that we are dreaming in color about the return of the Nordiques in Quebec City, and this, in large part because of Geoff Molson who is opposed to it." - Reported by Etienne Ferland

«I was around the team at that time, they really don't want the Nordiques. Put yourself in his shoes. He can't come out and say, I don't want to have the Nordiques, I want to keep all the revenue for myself.' It's a shame, because I still think the Habs have a responsibility to the fans and the hockey players, and also the staff.

Wow! That's really not what he was saying publicly.

As Nicolas Cloutier (TVA Sports) mentions, this information is very surprising, because Molson has often mentioned publicly that he would like to experience the Habs-Nordiques rivalry again.

Was this an outright lie?

This is a major statement anyway, and it will be really interesting to see the impact of this.


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Michel Therrien throws Geoff Molson under the buss and calls him a liar

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