Max Domi delivered a touching message to his good friend Jonathan Drouin

Published September 21, 2021 at 8:21 PM

Having played two seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, Max Domi has forged very strong bonds with certain individuals. Jonathan Drouin is one of them. These were two of the Habs' headliners at the time, so some pressure came with the package.

Domi was probably on the lookout for what Drouin was going through in his life, because as the Quebecer mentioned in an interview, a lot of people close to him wrote to him. His story has obviously affected many people.

The former Canadiens' pest then took the opportunity to deliver a powerful message to his good friend Jonathan Drouin through his Twitter account.

Domi seems to be filled with pride when talking about the Tricolore's number 92, which makes his message considerably moving. The former Habs number 13 may have been one of the organization's unloved ones during his last few miles in Montreal, but it must be said that he has a big heart.
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