Mattias Norlinder had a clear message to deliver to Habs fans

Published December 28, 2021 at 2:46 PM

Mattias Norlinder's stay with the Habs this fall was six games with the big club and six with the Laval Rocket.

The number 59 has potential offensively, that's for sure. However, he will have to fine-tune some aspects of his game to hope to establish himself on a regular basis in the NHL.

In an interview with Patrik Bexell, he came back on his time in Quebec. Despite the VERY difficult situation of the Montreal Canadiens in this 2021-2022 season, he had a lot of fun.

"It was a lot of fun, especially the first two games. The camp was a great experience."

The senior admitted that his confidence level was not up to par, considering all the new things he was facing.

"To be successful next year, you have to realize that this time everything was new, I didn't have that extreme confidence that you need to be successful. I'm bringing some things back with me, especially the style of play they have in the NHL. It's different and I feel like I've picked it up. I've gotten better at it over time."

He targeted aspects of his game that he will work on before returning to the Tricolore next year.

"You have to play safety more often than I'm used to. You can't make mistakes at the blue line on offense. I also have to get better around our own net, be stronger and more physical."

Norlinder also played six games in the AHL during his time here. He tried to explain the difference between the two leagues.

"Before everything, I didn't even know I could play in this league. The first one was a conditioning stage, I understand that. It's such a difference from the NHL, no more chip-and-run type play, no more broken type play."

While the Habs situation was VERY ambiguous, he takes away a lot of positive out of this.

"The NHL was a fantastic experience, we lost 6-0, but ... yeah, it was great. The fans, the arena."

"Still, it was a weird season. Nothing went the way they wanted it to. The general manager got was special, a special situation. You understand [their line of thinking], and like I said when I got to play in the NHL, it was so much fun."

He ended his interview by delivering a reassuring message to fans with his competitive instincts.

"I'll be back!"

The youngster will have plenty of competition next year, considering the depth the Tricolore has in its blue line. He, Kaiden Guhle and Jordan Harris (maybe) will want to convince the organization to keep them with the big club.
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