Martin St-Louis makes another significant gesture towards his young forward Cole Caufield

Published February 22, 2022 at 9:51

As usual, Canadians head coach Martin St-Louis was in a press briefing yesterday, after his team's win against the Toronto Maple Leafs, and of course he was very proud of his team.

His press conferences are also really different from those we were used to with his predecessor. Again yesterday, he provided excellent answers.

Journalist Richard Labbé questioned St-Louis about the recent impressive successes of Cole Caufield (how to explain the incredible difference between the Caufield with St-Louis and the Caufield before St-Louis? ).

See his answer:

"I don't think I've done much honestly. Sometimes it's starting over on his mental side and maybe a fresh start, some change, it makes him start over on the mental side. He plays free. He makes mistakes on the ice, I was making mistakes on the ice, but he does a lot more good things than mistakes. As a coach, you have to live with mistakes a little, as long as the good things are there. You have to manage this." -Martin St-Louis

He gives absolutely full credit to his young forward and gives him another big vote of confidence. St. Louis is all-in with Caufield. I love it!

I think coaches across the NHL would benefit from having that philosophy with their young talents. Clearly, for Caufield, it works wonders.

Their relationship already seems special, and it's beautiful to see. These comments in the press briefing speak volumes.

For the full press briefing:

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