Marc Denis had a lot to say about Logan Mailloux and it really doesn't have unanimous approval

Published September 17, 2023 at 7:43 PM

The Montreal Canadiens rookies hit the ice on Friday night to face the Buffalo Sabres rookies, and despite a 6-3 loss from the CH's representatives, some youngsters looked good.

However, it was a tough game for a certain Logan Mailloux as many hockey fans were eager to see him in action.

The young defender also received several criticisms from some internet users via social networks, but let's agree, it is just a rookie camp game.

We will have to wait before jumping to the conclusion that the Canadiens' first pick in 2021 will start the season with the Laval Rocket, but as reported by GoNordiques.com, this is probably what awaits the young man.

At least that's what the Montreal Canadiens game analyst at RDS, Marc Denis, said.

During his daily appearance on the On jase show, Denis stated that Mailloux should start the season in the American League, even though some Canadiens fans would like to see him start the season with the main club.

"For Mailloux, I would like to see how he behaves at the higher level. He is a defender who has improved, who has taken big strides, but who has shown signs of immaturity in his game. I am not talking off-ice. I am talking about his game, his celebrations, and his behavior on ice.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, every year there are surprises, but for me, Logan Mailloux will not be my surprise. Even if he has the best camp in the world, for me, he starts in Laval. He is the kind of personality that needs to learn the hard way. He has to go through the stages one by one before proving to me that he is an NHL player."

Very fair remarks from the analyst who sees Mailloux refining his game in Laval and that's probably what's best for the young man.

Unless you are an exceptional player, it is very common for a young offensive defender to evolve for a season in the American League to continue his development.

We only have to think of P.K. Subban, who spent a full season with the Hamilton Bulldogs in 2009-2010 before being called up by the main club for the playoffs, and we all know what followed.

I am not comparing Logan Mailloux to P.K. Subban, but you can imagine the parallel. A more offensive defender needs to adjust to NHL hockey, and perfecting his apprenticeship at a lower level is very often a necessary step to be fully ready when the call from the main club comes.

To watch Marc Denis' remarks, click on the link below.

A mandatory stop in Laval for Mailloux?
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Marc Denis had a lot to say about Logan Mailloux and it really doesn't have unanimous approval

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