Marc Bergevin has the opportunity to acquire the services of a talented giant center

Jeff Drouin
October 9, 2021  (5:24 PM)

Looking at the list of players placed in the waivers today, I couldn't be more perplexed. The St.Louis Blues have made center Logan Brown available to every other NHL team. Who is Logan Brown?

A giant 6 foot 6 inch, 218 pound center. Yes, you read that right, a real behemoth. This one was selected by the Ottawa Senators eleventh overall in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. He was never able to establish himself on a regular basis with the Ontario team, he only played 30 games with them, collecting 9 points in the process. He had just been acquired from the Senators in exchange for forward Zach Sanford.
The Raleigh, North Carolina native has incredible offensive skills, especially due to his vision. He is considered an excellent passer, for the most part.
The problem with Brown? Due to his injury history, he was never able to develop properly. In addition, the Senators had a bunch of young center players in their organization, which left very little room for Brown to shine in the last few years. He was quickly forgotten by the Senators' staff.
However, it's not too late to save his career. This is where Marc Bergevin has to do something. With the Habs lacking depth at center in industrial quantities, Marc Bergevin might be tempted to claim the giant, in order to revive his career and thus, have the opportunity to develop a young center with amazing talent.
With Ryan Poehling having a sub-par camp, it wouldn't surprise me if the Canadiens would set their sights on him.
As for me:
Logan Brown > Ryan Poehling
My wish to see Sami Niku with the Habs came true, so could I be tempted to go for a two in two? Yes, I do!
However, it would be surprising if Brown is still available when Marc Bergevin looks at the list of available players... Let's pray!
Here is the complete list of players in the lineup today:
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