Marc Bergevin has a colossal argument in the negotiations with Geoff Molson, according to Elliotte Friedman

Published October 6, 2021 at 2:07 PM

Marc Bergevin is currently in the last year of his contract with the Montreal Canadiens. The general manager's clan and Geoff Molson's are in big negotiations right now.

Marc Bergevin is bound to have some strong arguments in negotiations, including his most recent nomination for GM of the Year. The fact that he built a club that went to the Stanley Cup finals must also weigh in the balance. As a bonus, he just had a great summer. He replaced virtually every piece of equipment lost over the summer, something many general managers can't do.

In any case, according to Elliotte Friedman, Bergevin's biggest argument is his ability to stick to a plan, despite everything. Also, let's remember that Marc Bergevin is playing in a very difficult market.

Elliotte Friedman asked a killer question: "Will the Habs be able to find someone who can handle all this pressure and still deliver the goods, other than Marc Bergevin? That would be surprising."

I have to admit that "Big Marc" has a lot of guts after spending the last ten seasons in Montreal. Plus, he wants to stay here, despite everything? For a long time, I thought he wasn't the right man for the Habs, but nobody in the organization cares more about the team than Marc Bergevin. He is a man who loves his team, as we saw in the playoffs during the celebrations. He has the Habs tattooed on his heart, there is no doubt about it.

Marc Bergevin and Geoff Molson will find a common ground, it is written in the sky.
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