Major statement regarding Julien BriseBois and the Montreal Canadiens' GM position

Published February 1, 2023 at 2:30 PM

It's no secret by now that Serge Savard was very disappointed in Marc Bergevin. The man who was replaced by Kent Hughes last year has, according to Savard, accomplished the exact opposite of what he said he would during his job interviews in 2012.

In a recent episode of Tony Marinaro's "The Sick Podcast," the man known as "The Senator" went back and explained more about what really happened. We even learn that he still has the interview in his home, something we would all love to see!

"I still have his presentation here. He pretty much did the opposite of everything he said and believe me, after a couple of interviews, Geoff Molson and I looked at each other, we were in New York, we went to dinner afterwards. Well, I think he's the best candidate we have and we stopped the process at that point. I had high hopes for him."

"If I voted against him, he wouldn't have gotten the job. Geoff Molson had the final say but if I'm against him, he [Marc Bergevin] doesn't get it." - Serge Savard

These statements led to an excellent question from Marinaro. Assuming Savard votes against Bergevin, who would have been the club's choice? It didn't take long for the former number 18 to answer.

"The guy in Tampa Bay Julien Brisebois!"

"He had a pretty good record. He was second in Tampa Bay at the time and he was good. He did a very good interview but in the end we chose Marc Bergevin." - Serge Savard


In a article written in October 2021, we mentioned that Brisebois did indeed have a clause in his contract at that time during his first few years with the Lightning that stated he could leave Tampa Bay only for the Montreal Canadiens' GM position.

Imagine how the CH could have been under Brisebois, one of, if not the best general manager in the NHL.

Imagine how much it could have changed everything, even if Marc Bergevin didn't do a bad job, far from it.

To listen to the entire podcast, it's here.
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Major statement regarding Julien BriseBois and the Montreal Canadiens' GM position

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