Major statement regarding Cole Caufield and the monster contract signed by Connor McDavid

Published December 16, 2022 at 5:29 PM

Among the files that are currently attracting a lot of attention from the Montreal Canadiens, there is certainly the possible contract extension of forward Cole Caufield.

The dynamic young forward continues to increase in value, and he probably has the best agent in the world, but some experts have a little advice for him.

"Caufield needs to avoid the same mistake as McDavid." - TVA Sports

Caufield will be a compensated free agent at the end of the season, and he's already racking up a ridiculous 18 goals in just 30 games. He's incredible and he's only 21 years old.

He could certainly sign an extremely lucrative contract, but Antoine Roussel gave him some warning today on "La Poche bleue le midi."

According to Roussel, Caufield should avoid making the same mistake as Connor McDavid and he should avoid being too greedy.

Caufield should ask for the same contract as Nick Suzuki. That way he would give the Canadiens a chance to have a good team. If they have a good club, he'll score more goals. It's a matter of perspective."

"A good agent has to take the long view. Some agents say go for the max all the time, but that's not necessarily what's good for you in the long run. The Canadiens should tell him he's not worth more than Suzuki because he wouldn't be scoring as much without him. A center is what you pay the most for, along with your first defenseman and your goalie."

"I don't think McDavid's agent has done the best for him and his team. It's not optimal. When your agent scratches the surface, the team scratches their heads for good players. In comparison, in Boston, they've found a method that works to have long-term success." - Antoine Roussel

Do you agree with him? Basically, he points out that Caufield should possibly sign a little less, to continue to be surrounded by good players and to continue to be as successful.

If Caufield signs for a little less, it could allow Kent Hughes to sign other good players and assemble a better team around Suzuki and Caufield (something Edmonton is having a hard time doing because of the monster contract Connor McDavid signed)

An interesting analysis.

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Major statement regarding Cole Caufield and the monster contract signed by Connor McDavid

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