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Major development: a contract worth nearly $70 million for Cole Caufield?

Published November 29, 2022 at 2:09 PM

In the last few minutes, we learned that Dallas Stars forward Roope Hintz has agreed to terms on a new eight-year major contract worth $8.45 million annually. This means he will remain in Dallas for many seasons.

This obviously leads us to think about the possible monster contract that the Montreal Canadiens will have to give to Cole Caufield quickly.

"Big money for Roope Hintz (not saying he doesn't deserve it)! It's Cole Caufield's agent (Pat Brisson) who must be rubbing his hands together right now!"

- Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

Precisely, regarding Cole Caufield's future contract, the excellent Marc Antoine Godin and Arpon Basu have drawn some interesting and expensive comparisons (in a recent article on The Athletic).

According to the two journalists, there are two options for Caufield.

1- A contract similar to Jason Robertson's, a contract worth $7.75M annually and lasting four seasons.

2- A contract similar to Jack Hughes' (and the one Hintz just signed), a contract worth $8-8.5M annually and lasting eight seasons.

Those are pretty much the only two options. Of course, it would probably be best to sign Caufield long term, as well as Nick Suzuki, to ensure that the two inseparables are under contract until 2030 (at least).

It will be an interesting case to watch, but the longer the season goes on, the higher Caufield's value becomes.

If they decide to sign a contract similar to Robertson's, the AAV could be lower (under $8M), but Caufield could hit the jackpot in four years, and he would be on the verge of full autonomy.

Not a desirable outcome, at least in our opinion. What do you think?

Which option would you choose? A contract worth about $31 million over four seasons like Robertson? Or a contract worth nearly $70 million over eight seasons like Hughes or Hintz?

Remember, Cole Caufield's agent is one of the best in the world, which could make it difficult for Kent Hughes, especially with the contract Hintz just signed. This is a major development for Caufield and his agent Pat Brisson. Stay tuned!

Credit: Let's Go Habs

November 29   |   460 answers
Major development: a contract worth nearly $70 million for Cole Caufield?

What contract would you give Caufield?

4 years like Robertson6514.1 %
8 years like Suzuki39585.9 %
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