Major announcement and Arber Xhekaj with the Laval Rocket for the rest of the season? This has just been raised as a possible option

Published December 8, 2023 at 4:00 PM
The demotion of Arber Xhekaj to Laval surprised many. The player himself admitted to being unsettled by this decision, while understanding the reasons behind it.

Even if the defenseman himself is unsure how long he will spend in the 450 area, some already think he might be there for a while. He could even remain until the end of the current campaign, as some analysts suggest.

Indeed, former CH goaltending coach Stéphane Waite mentioned in the podcast Sortie de Zonethat The Sherif might spend a good amount of time in Laval. According to Waite, this would not be a demotion but rather for his own good.

«The guy surprised everyone last season. It was a big surprise. But it's often the second year, where expectations are high and you don't surprise anyone anymore, on the contrary. Now you have expectations towards you. It has been much more difficult for him this season and if he sees this as a demotion, he is not taking it the right way. The guy had the chance to not play in the American League, which is very rare, especially for a guy with his profile. Playing a few games in the American League, it can last two weeks, a month, two months, or the rest of the season, we don't know, but it can just be good for him at his age. It's not a punishment.» - Stéphane Waite

Simon-Olivier Lorange from La Presse, on the other hand, bases his reasoning on the current and upcoming lineup on the CH's blue line. There will be, sooner rather than later, a surplus of defensemen with the main club.

«With David Savard approaching a return to play, Jayden Struble doing good work, Jordan Harris coming back, Gustav Lindstrom playing well and being right-handed, if the Canadiens' defensive brigade remains healthy, Xhekaj could, in my opinion, finish the season in Laval» - Simon-Olivier Lorange

Considering this, Xhekaj will now have to wait for injuries or poor performances among the CH defensemen to get another chance with the main club. But before receiving that call, the defenseman will have to get himself back on track. He really didn't seem to want to play in Laval during his first game with them.

Hopefully for him, and for his fans with the Habs, Xhekaj will quickly get back on track!
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Major announcement and Arber Xhekaj with the Laval Rocket for the rest of the season? This has just been raised as a possible option

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