Major acquisition proposal for Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens

Published May 19, 2022 at 2:22 PM

One of the most talked about players in the NHL right now is Minnesota Wild forward Kevin Fiala.

What's the big deal?

We're talking about a star forward who (like Jack Eichel at the beginning of the season) will most likely be traded by his organization.

Fiala is looking for a new contract and unfortunately for them, the Wild just can't afford him and they will have to trade him for less expensive pieces (youngsters on a rookie contract and/or first round pick).

Elements that the Montreal Canadiens have plenty of.

Wild GM Bill Guerin admitted it himself:

"As much as we'd like to keep him because he's an outstanding player, we're realistic. It probably won't work out financially. I don't know if it will be possible (to keep him)."

We've talked to you recently about potential destinations (Ottawa and New Jersey), but why not Montreal?

As my colleague Christian Matte ( reports, it's definitely a possibility.

Many pundits are wondering who might be the best winger to pair with Nick Suzuki and Caufield. Well Fiala is a 25-year-old star winger who just had 85 points (33 goals) in 82 games. Imagine adding him to the CH's first line.

Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and many experts have admitted it, it will be a hectic summer for the CH and the organization wants to add some already developed youngsters.

And here is one, it's rare to see such a player available.

On top of that, Fiala is exceptional in terms of advanced statistics. (and Hughes and Gorton rely on that a lot)

What if, instead of drafting too many prospects that will help the club in a few years, Hughes decided to trade some picks, for a player like Fiala, who could score 85-90 points next year?

Do you like the idea? Would you like Kent Hughes to target this free agent with compensation?

As the excellent Marco D'Amico reports, the hostile offer is not an option for Montreal, due to the powerful 2023 draft.

We can't give away a 2023 first pick.

So the idea here would be to make a trade with the Wild, during the draft in Montreal, to go after Fiala's rights. (and then sign him)

This is clearly the best alternative for Hughes if he wants to get the services of the Swiss forward.

He'll have to maneuver with his finances, but it's a lot easier for him than it is for the Wild (due to contract buyouts)

How would you like to see the Habs trade a youngster and/or picks in the next draft (possibly the second pick in the first round) to the Wild, to get the services of forward Kevin Fiala?

According to many, this could be a possibility.

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Major acquisition proposal for Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens

Would you like to see Kent Hughes try to get Kevin Fiala from the Wild?

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No, too expensive!13629.7 %
Caufield - Suzuki - Fiala, Yes!!11725.5 %
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