Logan Mailloux had the chance to be compared to a great Habs leader!

Published July 25, 2021 at 12:00

We would like to make it clear that in no way do we encourage the actions committed by Logan Mailloux. It is a disgraceful behavior that should not take place in the world. However, people deserve to know Logan Mailloux as the hockey player and even as a human being.

That being said, Logan Mailloux is not all bad. The Montreal Canadiens' first round pick received a lot of praise from his former head coach with the London Nationals in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League, Patrick Powers. He had the chance to work with Mailloux just before he moved to the other side of the world, in Sweden.

According to him, Logan Mailloux could become quite a defenseman in the NHL. According to his comparisons, the youngster could become a kind of... Shea Weber.


«I definitely see him becoming a complete and decisive defenseman like Shea Weber could be,» Powers said.

Powers broke down Mailloux's style of play in detail. The comparisons to the Habs captain can be considered strong.

Mailloux, 6 feet 3 inches tall, weighing 217 pounds at only 18 years old, already has the size of a fully mature man. Just imagine the stature he will have in 4 or 5 years.

In addition to being big, Mailloux is skilled with the puck, hence his 68 points in 48 games when he played for Powers. He also spends a lot of time in the penalty box due to his love for the physical game.

«He's a very powerful skater. Logan is also very tough in his one-on-one battles. He's dedicated in his defensive coverage, but also very smart when he has the puck on his stick. He can be the one to dictate the play in the opposing zone.»

The former instructor of the Habs first pick also praised the prowess in terms of versatility, of his former mentee.

«What's nice about him is that he can be used anywhere. Whether it's on the first or third defensive pair, on the short-handed or on the power play. He can protect a lead as well as be the leader of your team on offense. That type of defenseman is a lot of fun to coach, obviously!»

His time in Sweden greatly helped Mailloux in his development, since it will make things easier for his transition to the NHL.

«I think he will be able to take his offensive instincts and his ability to create plays to the NHL. His time in Sweden has taught him to make better decisions with the puck when the games get tough. And when you have the size, physical strength and natural skills that Logan has, you can establish yourself at the highest level. I can definitely see him becoming a complete and decisive defenseman like Shea Weber was able to be,» he added.

Powers has obviously heard about Mailloux's actions. However, he hopes that people can see the young man in a different light because he says he is a wonderful person. At the same time, he praised his leadership skills.

«I will speak for myself. Everything, but really everything I know about Logan is positive. He was wonderful for us from day one to day two. He treated his teammates, the coaching staff and his opponents with tremendous respect,» Powers said.

«He is also a very humble young man. As a 16-year-old, he had the talent to play with the London Knights in the OHL, but the team had a lot of depth, so he agreed to come play with us and he always had a great attitude. He could have come in with a negative attitude, but instead he became the leader of our group.»

Powers made no secret of the fact that several NHL scouts have contacted him to inquire about the person Logan Mailloux is.

«I've talked to several teams and I've told them all the same thing: I have nothing bad to say about Logan, quite the opposite in fact.»

The coach was adamant about pointing out an anecdote, which he believes represents Logan Mailloux, in his own right.

«At the end of the season, we had an activity where all the players had to tell the coaches what was the biggest regret of their season. Logan told us that he regretted not doing enough to help the team win the championship. Yet he had a fantastic season! That's what Logan Mailloux is all about.»

If Powers had to predict Mailloux's next reaction to the situation, he would tell you that he will bounce back. Mailloux will want to show everyone that he wants to get better both on and off the ice.

«I think Logan, being the type of young man he is, will certainly learn his lesson and use it to become better. Obviously, I don't condone what he did, far from it. But I'm so happy to see that the Canadians have given him a second chance. I'm sure deep down he really wanted the opportunity to prove who he really was. And I honestly think he has the skills, but more importantly the nerves to do it,» his former instructor concluded.

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