Lebrun fears the NHL will make a big move after Cooper's comments on Kadri's controversial goal

Published June 24, 2022 at 5:43 PM

We talked about it a lot yesterday, but there's a new development regarding the famous controversy of Nazem Kadri's game-winning goal in overtime in Game 4 between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche.

Let's review the facts here:

Let's also recall that the NHL has officially responded to the controversy:

Now that we know this, the excellent Pierre Lebrun has dug deeper

Regarding what head coach Jon Cooper considers to be "an unfortunate missed call by the officials", there could be long-term impacts.

As Pierre LeBrun, Bryan Hayes, Jeff O'Neill and Jamie McLennan discussed on TSN, this is the kind of case that could lead to a rule change from the NHL.

TSN's experts are afraid it will happen because they don't think it's necessary and it would be unfortunate:

"One of my fears about this, if you really want to broaden the scope of what this all could mean for the NHL, is this: whenever something like this happens, there's usually a bit of an overreaction (from the NHL) and it sometimes leads to a rule change.

If you remember, when San Jose scored in overtime, in a playoff game a few years ago, on a pass with the hand, against St. Louis, that led to a rule change."

"I hope that (Kadri's controversial goal) doesn't lead to a rule change. [...] You can't review everything, at some point you have to trust the four referees in the game."

That would be too big a move and too big a reaction, they say. And then they add that there are more and more whispers of it.

Do you think it would be unfortunate if the National Hockey League decided to change the rule, following the comments of Jon Cooper of the Tampa Bay Lightning?

For the details:

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Lebrun fears the NHL will make a big move after Cooper's comments on Kadri's controversial goal

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