Lapierre and Fichaud provide us with their opinion on Martin St-Louis' next contract

Published April 19, 2022 at 9:37

On Monday night, on TVA Sports' JiC show, former CH player Maxim Lapierre was very critical of the Habs players. According to him, the debacles of the last years of the club are not due to the coaches, but to the players.

"Claude Julien and Dominique Ducharme had a system and it didn't work. I want to say that the players are the problem. Let's stop saying it's the coach, we don't have good players! We've got Suzuki and Caufield, Price when he's in front of the net, a defender or two every once in a while and Josh Anderson who shows up every third time... We don't have any players, let's stop thinking about the system of play!"

"We've had three coaches in three and a half years and it's the same results, so the players are the problem" - Maxim Lapierre

Lapierre says that St-Louis' 31 games in charge of the club are enough to make him look good. The former CH number 40 is even willing to give him a five-year deal with the club, which led to an argument with Eric Fichaud. It's the idea of a five season contract that doesn't exactly have everyone on board.

"Personally, I would offer him a five-year contract

"Personally, I would give him a three-year contract," replied Eric Fichaud.

I don't understand the principle of giving him three years because he's the one who's going to build the team for the future," Lapierre said. St-Louis will help Caufield and Suzuki grow. He's going to push the young guys to get better. I don't see why he wouldn't be there when the Habs become a winning team.

Are you more on Fichaud's side or Max's side?

In 31 games this season, St-Louis has accumulated a 12-15-4 record, which is a far cry from Dominique Ducharme's 8-30-7 record at the beginning of the season. It will be interesting to see if St-Louis really comes back next season. In recent weeks, he's often broken out in press conferences, giving plenty of signs that he'll be back next season.

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Lapierre and Fichaud provide us with their opinion on Martin St-Louis' next contract

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